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Felora Ghana Limited operating under the name “Felora Cleaning Services” is a subsidiary of various services provided by Felora Ghana Limited. This subsidiary  was established  on the principle of ensuring  healthy life styles, which begins with a green-clean environment, and  involves choosing cleaning methods ,tools and cleaning detergents that keep our environment clean without degenerating our ecosystem or causing occupants of any cleaned space any health issues by reason of cleaning detergents and materilas used.. We endeavour to engage  professional cleaners/janitors which we maintain giving our employees regular training sessions on best cleaning practices   as well as successfully completing  all of the necessary safety controls  training involved. Our employees are the best in their field and are spot on in getting the job done.

Our Company's goal is to  clean professionally,safely and heathily .All services provided to our customers facilities and buildings are to the best of our abilities and match  the highest standardsin the industry.  We offer a range of services that we believe will cater fully for all your needs, and are  able to provide servicestailored to your specifications. Our team is able and would deliver a satisfactory service. We provide effective supervision of our team at all service site to ensure expert delivery  in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your needs and become a valued partner in maintaining and improving the appearance and cleanliness of your business/building/facilities.

Felora Cleaning Services - SPOT ON!


Expert Technicians

We have excellent technicians readily availble to offer technical knowledge even before our services are required

Professional Service

Our services is done with due diligence hence the customer is safe when services are rendered.

Great Support

Our call center is always ready to assist our clients anytime-anywhere.

Felora Cleaning Services







You have multiple ways of reaching us, you can use the contact link option on the website or alternatively contact us through our telephone numbers located at the lower end on the website.
Yes, you choose the day, time and the number of times you require our services be it one time, weekly, monthly etc.
Depends on the nature of the service required, we have all the neccessary tool and machines to offer our services and where our hands are needed ,we are ready to get them dirty.
Our employees are more than qualified due to vigourous training sessions they undergo bi-weekly.
Our prices are competitive and several factors determine our charges such as the nature of service you require eg. Post contruction cleaning, residential cleaning etc.
Once you give us a call, we will schedule a meeting between you and our qualified site team members to visit the area to be served in order to serve you with a quotation of the cost involved.