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Felora Cleaning Services - SPOT ON!.

Felora Cleaning Services -SPOT ON!

Fellora Ghana Limited operating under the name “Felora Cleaning Services” is a subsidiary of various services provided by Fellora Ghana Limited. This subsidiary was established on the principle of ensuring healthy life styles, which begins with a green-clean environment, and involves choosing cleaning methods ,tools and cleaning detergents that keep our environment clean without degenerating our ecosystem or causing occupants of any cleaned space any health issues by reason of cleaning detergents and materilas used..

We endeavour to engage professional cleaners/janitors which we maintain giving our employees regular training sessions on best cleaning practices as well as successfully completing all of the necessary safety controls training involved. Our employees are the best in their field and are spot on in getting the job done.

We have the requisite permits and professionally trained personnel to carry out such sensitive but necessary service where ever it is needed.All safety protocols for our clients and personnel are fully observed during and after fumigation is rendered.

Routine Commercial Cleaning

We offer routine cleaning of commercial spaces (offices,factories,warehouse,restaurants ,bakeries,power rooms etc) during the week at day or night or day and night sessions ,which ever is preferred before business commences in a day and have personnel on standby during working hours to ensure a clean working environment.

Bespoke Residential Cleaning

However you want it,our team work together with our clients to get the perfect arrangement for our services in residences (Weekly,monthly,some days in a week or daily) .Assigned personnel will visit for general cleaning and add fine touches to enhance the beauty of your residence. We maintain the quality of your living environment so that you always return to a refreshing home.

Adhoc Cleaning

This is our specialized deep clean service which is provided for heavy-dirt-clogged areas (after construction sites,factories ,warehouses, abandoned areas,drainages and so on) and also for areas that receive daily routine cleaning to receive what we term a spa-day cleanwhich involves going a little deeper than usual..This service is available on request,on a day and time of your choosing

Customized Cleaning

From our personnel perspective, we do our best to match up the right janitorial team with your specific cleaning needs. We understand the value of cleaning and so customizing our cleaning process to your facility’s layout is necessary. All you need to do is tell us what you want,how you want it, and its done.

Clean carpets and rugs

Rug and carpet cleaning is carried out strictly according to industry standards! Our cleaning products and techniques comply with manufacturer instructions and help keep your rugs and carpets looking beautiful

Exceptional Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning of upholstery (rugs, carpet,curtains ,furniture,beddings of all types) is a speciality we take pride in.Our cleaning is carried out strictly according to type of upholstery being serviced and matches factory recommended methods of cleaning and maintain the beauty and quality of upholstery.We offer routine cleaning for upholstery as well as adhoc cleaning.So from residential upholstery to commercial upholstery (furniture in banking halls,hospitals,offices ,factory drapes and dividers,fixed carpeting and removable rugs etc) we have you covered. 3-D Post Construction cleaning Our 3-stage cleaning routine and standard fumigation (this is incusive for all post construction services) ensures that your brand new buildings and or premises are clean and rodent/pest free for your new life or business to begin. Apart from cleaning and fumigation services at post construction sites ,we offer removal and transporting of debris off site if requested .

Fumigation/Pest control

Fellora Ghana Limited offers fumigation and pest control services which are customized to suit your home, office and working hours schedule. We specialize in removal and prevention of infestations by insects and rodents, including cockroaches, fleas, ticks, ants, bees, mice, termite swarms including winged migrations, bee and wasp nests that might be indoors or in walls, flies, spiders, small reptiles like lizards and snakes, etc.

Fumigation services we offer include:


We ensure that all safety measures are taken during our services to you,for you and our personnel.In furtherance of this we ensure proper gear for our personnel for the nature of services to be rendered and insist on safety controls to be put in place by our clients for everyone’s safety(covering all items where needed, removal of persons particularly children from servicing areas, observing after-fumigation rules etc) Safety is very important to us and we take it seriously,to ensure a healthier life and environment for You. Felora Cleaning Services -SPOT ON!